Is this my brain rewiring?

It’s difficult to explain what’s happened to me since our personal session. Things that I was very sure of turned out to be a mistake. And it seems like I am walking through sludge and I’m getting frustrated easy. Is this my brain rewiring into holding a higher dimension? It’s weird that I notice and am aware of the separation. The usual flow that I have navigated my life with seems to be changing. I think I’m looking for some reassurance!

Update!! Not only has my brain been rewired, I was fortunate to see, thru my minds eye, my spirit/soul. It was beautiful and still moves me when I think of it. Immense gratitude!! I also witnessed in meditation my brain rewiring. I heard the old belief and saw my wiring disconnect the old and create new connections. I heard each belief at first, but the rewiring got faster, and faster. This is where I let go and allowed, trusting the process.

The subtle changes around me are amazing. People for the first time in my life are coming and saying the nicest things. The speed in which daily life moves is very multi-dimensional, the pace is slower, less stressful. And, everything is getting doneLong held fears have vanished with each opportunity presented to raise those fears. My reactions are neutral and grounded. The words that come out of my mouth are gentle. Much sarcasm is gone. Chattering head, mostly quiet and when its not, I am able to use the tools I’ve been taught over the years OR know when I need outside assistance. My deepest gratitude for your gift of healing.