Master Your Complete Life
All 4 Packages + Session

Master Your Complete Life

Receive all four packages in the Master Your Complete Life program and a 25-minute Personal Session with Sherry!

  • 25-minute Personal Session with Sherry including a downloadable recording of your session.
  • 22 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • 17 PureEnergy Download non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones.

Sherry often sees clients connected to energies at odds with their divine alignment. This can cause confusion, loss of energy and a sense of disconnection. Often people report discovering they let go of false identities and long held dense alliances of programming. Let go of the old matrix and old paradigm consciousness and align with your true unique self. 

25-minute Personal Session with Sherry

Imagine your life with more vitality, open to your inner guidance, increase clarity, decrease pain and increase mobility. For people new to energy work or advanced. I will also work with you to find an appropriate strategy to feel protected and resilient in any environment.

25 min

Upgrade Your Life

Expanding Time (Timeless Grace)

Not enough time in a day? Download this aligned frequency to expand time without pressure. Use this to continually restore yourself as you move through deadlines. Give yourself the gift of grace in action. This has been a very popular and often used by my clients.

8:15 min
Nervous System Upgrade

This is the process I have used to stop all symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and a handful of autoimmune diagnoses. It is also good for anyone experiencing limited physical function. I have received many testimonials on this process assisting with issues of pain and discomfort.

7:51 min
Memory Upgrade

Are you forgetful? Do you sometimes walk into a room and wonder why? This Guided Activation deletes energies that interfere with memory and inhibit access to your memory.

10:30 min
Manifesting Abundance in your Life

I use an ancient technique to balance the male and female qualities within you using earth energies. This balance revives your giving and receiving aspects as well as the parts that magnetically attract our resources and those that take action for it. Also, I have included a physical detox, disentangling collective limitations, and upgrades for your multidimensional self.

13:17 min
New Earth Resilience

Shift out of the collective fear of earth changes and change your experiences and perspective. The planet is changing, and people are suffering – become neutral to the new earth perspective. Are you super sensitive to impending shifts? This will even out your response so you will not overwhelm your nervous system. Its from our neutral state that we can be our best and can offer our gifts.

6:03 min
Release Overwhelm

Let go of limiting energies that aren’t yours and the programs you are carrying that limit your ability to have your best life. It’s time to renew your relationship with your body, mind and spirit.

9:17 min
The Restorative Blanket

The restorative blanket is designed as a rescue blanket, helpful after intense work, after shock, and any time you need calming and grounding, feel a ‘rip’ inside or deep disturbance. It restores your connection with your multidimensional self, your physical body, and your soul. For some, you may feel a re-connection deeper than you have experienced before and others will gently come back to their knowing and empowered state.

9:01 min
Integrating Your Purpose

Reset and upgrade your energy to get in touch with your purpose and discover your next step. This activation gives you a strong foundation from which to align your purpose.

8:45 min
Chambers of the Heart

Dive into the heart chakra, clear out old debris, and love yourself. This Guided Activation clears outdated heart patterns of authority, realigns our connections to others and allows for the light of perception to assist you in your updating of heart energy.

8:40 min
Bliss Download and Body Upgrade with Archangel Uriel

Guided Activation with energies of bliss and the Archangels guiding you to upgrade your body function. This is a full body clearing working within your body and energetic field to assist you in feeling more aligned and internally connected.

7:39 min

Essential Energy of the Dolphin Spirits

Dolphin Spirit 1 – Initiation

Play this one first to connect with the Dolphin spirits. This initiates creativity, delightful joy, opens your heart and makes space for bliss. This also sets the stage to receive messages from the Dolphin spirits.

6:41 min
Dolphin Spirit 2 – Purifying Your Physical Body in the Dolphin Spirit Whirl

Balance and purify your body with the Dolphin energies and your infinite potential; resetting and detoxing nerves, blood, lymph, and brain, vital flows, memories, digestion, brains, enteric nervous system, central nervous system and mobility. Many found this to be a favorite. 

8:12 min
Dolphin Spirit 3 – Healing Relationships with Play

1-Icon-New4aLighten up heavy energies and memories leaving a stream of clarity for yourself and others. Also, disentangle from morphic fields and collective influences. Dolphin spirits teach your inner child to take care of itself. Quick relationship reset for family or new acquaintances.

4:26 min
Dolphin Spirit 4 – Birth of the Divine Child

Many years ago I was awakened early in the morning and guided to a beach. There, a pod of Dolphins invited me into the water to watch the birth of a Dolphin. This audio weaves my experience into a guided journey of bliss and awe. Many find this transmission opens untapped bliss and can awaken our own divine child.

8:35 min
Dolphin Spirit 5 – Releasing Grief

1-Icon-New4aThis activation delivers a profound release of dense emotions with love and Dolphin spirits. Clear yourself of another’s grief and collective fields. Upgrade your hormonal communications and awaken sleepy brain connections. Archangel Uriel assists with the heart clearing.

9:15 min
Dolphin Spirit 6 – Infusion

This is an infusion of Dolphin spirit strengths. We take the energies they carry and download any that are applicable to our wellbeing. Examples are sensuality, expressiveness, grace, heroism, and playfulness.

8:07 min
Dolphin Spirit 7 – Life Enhancement

Clear up your energy field, your home, and community. Use this energy to enhance your daily life. This audio clears up your life and teaches you how to do it.

6:30 min
Dolphin Spirit 8 – Relationship Clearing

Clears and clarifies space for communicating with loved ones or those we are having a difficult time letting go of or feel unfinished business with.

9:45 min
Dolphin Spirit 9 – Communicating with the Other Side

This process will enable you to communicate with someone who has passed. It can also be used to communicate with our divine child or spirit guides.

6:18 min
Dolphin Spirit 10 – Igniting the Creative Soul

Learn a creative alchemical process to assist you in igniting the fires of your inner muse. It fuels money making, improving your health, boosting your mojo and your zest for life.

9:52 min

Upgrade Your Life PureEnergy Downloads

Expanding Time (Timeless Grace) PureEnergy Download

Experience your life with the freedom of expanded time. This PureEnergy Download™ deletes the pressures and urgencies that compress time and shorten your day, and your life.

9:56 min
Nervous System Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Our nervous system and its connection to the brain and body is essential to our well-being. This PureEnergy Download™ clears limiting patterns of yours and others that limit its function and ability to detox.

9:38 min
Memory Upgrade PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aUpgrade your memory system for a better life. This PureEnergy Download™ assists in removing the most common obstacles to memory such as over thinking, other people’s thoughts, pressure, and fears.

9:32 min
Manifesting Abundance in your Life PureEnergy Download

This PureEnergy Download™ adjusts the receptive and giving energies in your body and magnetic ability to attract and hold prosperity. This mp3 is settling for the body and prepares you for your energy.

9:55 min
New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aStay strong in difficult times. This PureEnergy Download™ not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability with heart and strength.

9:01 min
Release Overwhelm PureEnergy Download

Remove overwhelm from your body and energy field. Overwhelm comes in many forms. Sometimes our brains shut down, sometimes we get obsessive about what is happening outside of our sovereign self, keeping us from our most congruent life. This PureEnergy Download™ deletes the energy of overwhelm from your field and restores your natural calm confidence.

8:24 min
The Restorative Blanket PureEnergy Download

Restore your body after a shock, surgery, pain, upset, emotional upheaval, trauma, or simply the difficulties of daily living. Use this PureEnergy Download™ when you feel out of sorts and need the comfort of a rescue blanket. The non-verbal energetic download of “The Restorative Blanket Guided Activation”. Excellent on repeat while sleeping.

9:22 min
Manifest Dreams PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aThis infusion is to bridge the dreams that are resonant to you to your reality, to bring them all the way into your creation.

9:39 min

True Divine Alignment PureEnergy Downloads

Playfulness PureEnergy Download

Playfulness can be used as a gateway to creativity, your core connection and abundance. We use playfulness to increase health and assist in expansion after periods of contraction.

9:48 min
Divine Bliss PureEnergy Download

Amplified Bliss to raise vibrations of illumination and feel good. This is a go to energy for many of us. If we feel limited or need to rise out of a stuck feeling, this is a powerful PureEnergy Download™.

10:16 min
Love PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aFeel pure divine love unconditionally. This PureEnergy Download™ assists with self acceptance and shifting harsh or difficult emotions. Its very good to use with Authentic Heart Protocol or when we need to come to calm acceptance and wisdom.

9:47 min
Relationship Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Create harmonious relationship with yourself and others. This infusion is designed with harmony in all aspects of relationships with in families or with partners. Embedded within it are the energies of the Infinity Loop to assist moving energy and refining possibilities.

8:49 min
Spiritual Tantra PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aThis PureEnergy Download™ infuses the energies of sensuality and the ability of partners to merge energetically into blissful states and separate with grace learning, empowering each other without draining each other.

9:11 min
Neutrality PureEnergy Download

Sometimes we need assistance to get back to our neutral state. This is where our empowerment resides, when we are able to let go of what pulls us out of our center and empowerment.

9:41 min
Discernment PureEnergy Download

Mastering the skills of discernment can take a lifetime. This is part of our journey to learn and grow. This PureEnergy Download™ allows you the ability to begin to center in that skill and gentle gives you energies to complete the cycles that keep you uncertain of choices. All roads lead home but if you want a boost to assist, play discernment.

9:35 min
Increased Insight PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aConnecting to our inner wisdom, our innate wisdom, our perception and intuition is a skill that can continue to expand throughout your life. This PureEnergy Download™ assists with foundational and growth in this area.

9:14 min
Security PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aDeep connections to the secure and sacred part of you where you can feel your depth of connection to yourself. Multiple clearings and strengthening energies are on this infusion, assisting you deep within yourself and your alignment.

9:41 min

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