I never thought I could become whole again…

Thank you for taking my question on last Sunday’s call. I started implementing your advice right away, and I have to say I found it hard to “love” the angry parts of me. I decided to send these parts “into the Light” to be sort of washed clean and then returned to me when I and they were ready. Well, it happened a lot quicker than I expected! The very next day I was decidedly happier and I was very aware that a younger part of me had indeed returned.

When I was about 9, my mother became ‘religious’ and basically shut down everything normal in my childhood. I was not allowed to play, celebrate holidays or even my birthday. Most of all she tried to kill my love of music. Of course I used to listen in secret, but I felt like a sinner. As a child, I adored a little portable record player my father gave me. Well, predictably, since it gave me so much joy, this was how I got punished, my mother would lock it up.

Completely unexpectedly, after I re-integrated my anger and got my “little girl” back, I suddenly had the urge to have my little record player. I went on Amazon and found the perfect little one, in Orange! My favorite color. I had saved all my old records and when I heard them again, after at least 35 years, I just sat and cried tears of joy. I never thought I could become whole again. So many thanks to you and for the beautiful soul that you are.