Phoenix Light Initiation
Package B

Phoenix Light Initiation – Package B

Magnetic Lotus


Are you ready to claim your Sacred Identity?

Magnetic Lotus is your evolution into equanimity and empowerment. Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities. Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities. The Magnetic Lotus will be synthesized within each participant so that you can make the most of your evolution in balanced, centered, confident aligned potential of your best life yet.

Magnetic Lotus is the center point of equilibrium within your being. Finally, the light and the depth of your inner feminine and masculine align in dynamic tension and harmonize with the high frequency light of our next evolutionary shift. The sacred geometry of life reveals patterns that before were stubbornly out of reach. Your life begins to move from struggle and pain to grace and ease. Resistance to our own divine nature dissolves. You will become empowered to create from the strength of the universe and the physical world. The evolution of the human being emerges.

The energy of the Christos will be our foundation. This pure state of unconditional love and awareness is the gateway for multi-dimensional downloads of the Phoenix Light for the bodies evolution. We will work with the initiation evolution of equanimity, a fusion of mind and spirit that holds within your body the energy of non reactive calm and easy access to your decisions and higher awareness.

Your transformation begins with purifying the endocrine and transmuting outdated emotional and misaligned geometric patterns held within them. The endocrine glands are cleared and rejuvenated and the new energy pathways and subtle energies are aligned. This energy sets the stage to receive the next energies of the Phoenix Light.

Your transformation continues with 6 Live Group Teleconference Calls. Sherry’s live group calls create a global resonance of energetic activation and manifestation. She will begin each call with body-mind-spirit balance and attachment clearings. She will then lead an anchoring process with activations that weave universal and personal opportunities into the energetic fabric. She will answer written questions and work with callers to transform their personal challenges. The live calls are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

This package includes:

  • 6 Live Transformative Group Calls loaded with energetic clearings, initiations and activations. Sherry will take your questions live or in writing. Includes downloadable recording of the call with the full energies expressed during the call.
  • 2 Essential Dolphin Energies Weekends with daily live energy activation transmissions infused with Essential Dolphin Energies.
  • 14 mp3 PureEnergy Downloads™ non-verbal energy recordings.
  • 4 mp3 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • Private Facebook Group to share your goals and accomplishments with new friends.

Live Transformative Group Calls  (click title for details)

The Magnetic Lotus Initiation

Lotus7-001Saturday December 3, 2016 9:00am US/Pacific time

Restructuring your personal physical mental and spiritual energetic fields to allow for your realignment with the earth’s magnetic fields, clearing pathways to alignment which accelerates your abundance and clarify your fields.

Using the foundational and gateway energies from the Christos and new plasma energies from package A, we add the Phoenix Light, a life force elixir rejuvenating and energetically drawing the body to its regenerated potential. These energies flow through the physical through the Torus field up through the phi spirals. This gives us our own access to the Magnetic Lotus pattern for your life force. This is a perfect balance of male and female energies held in dynamic tension and resonant with the synthesis of our other energy initiations.

Deep work with life force energy, heart and the newer levels of equanimity. Energetic connections will be made within the new energy structures and consciousness.

Deep Heart Awakening and Equanimity Initiation

lotus_flower_pond-1921Saturday December 10, 2016 9:00am US/Pacific time

This is a deep heart awakening. Initiating energies of the Magnetic Lotus into the heart and core with specific energetic downloads allowing this deepest awareness level to emerge. The magnetic flows within the harmony of the heart and clearings of agitation, dysregulation and insomnia and other heart issues. Some of us particularly within the metaphysical community scatter their energy and lose the ability to empower our lives and inadvertently are empowering what we do not want.

Increasing Kidney Life Force: Clearing Shock and Fear

Lotus2-001Saturday December 17, 2016 9:00am US/Pacific time

We will be initiating the Phoenix Light within the kidneys and bladder region. A full module releasing patterns of shock, hiding and fear and rebuilding the energies of slowing our kidney function, Regeneration energies and our emotional expressions and the ability to have them will be included. Chronic or even unknown fears we carry keep us from our harmonious flow of life and we tend to hold on to energies that are not ours or become stagnant when the kidney energy is suppressed. Often those who cannot express their true selves need a clearing of these organs including the bladder.

Strengthening Flow of Life in Lungs and Resolving Hidden Grief

Lotus6-001Saturday January 7, 2017 9:00am US/Pacific time

Our lungs bronchial and sinus areas will be initiated with the refined and powerful energies of the Phoenix Light, Christos energies, the Magnetic Lotus energy. Unresolved grief can affect our circulation, our ability to thrive and renew ourselves. Rebirthing our lives becomes possible when the lungs are clear and we can allow hidden areas of grief to resolve and empower us.

Clearing the Liver: Patterns and Possessions

Lotus4-001Saturday January 14, 2017 9:00am US/Pacific time

Liver energy is essential to our digestion, our ability to regulate and patterns of stagnation, blood pressure, headaches dizziness irritability and anger. A strong flowing liver energy allows us release rather than hold difficult emotions we are feeling incapable of letting go. Deep within the liver can remain patterns where we associate these limitations with our identity. Our possessions, (in all the ways one can have possessions) can be cleared with this deep letting go and renewal of liver and gallbladder.

Rejuvenating Your Spleen Energy: Increasing Confidence and Clearing Worry

Lotus3-001Saturday January 21, 2017 9:00am US/Pacific time

Spleen energy can be restored when we unlock hidden reasons for worry, excess mental stimulation from our thoughts or modern habit of computers and devices. When the mind gets in the way it tries to take over the job of the body or even your soul truth and identity. Fatigue and inability to concentrate will also be patterns we will address with this call.

Essential Dolphin Energies Weekend


Receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving dolphin energies for two days over a weekend experience joy, self-love, creative boost, rejuvenation, playfulness and bliss. We will be sending regeneration energies for all of your body, the quantum field into the cells, molecules, DNA and telomeres. The whole physical structure will receive these downloads three times a day each day of the weekend.

Many people report feeling lighter, more joyful during these transmissions. These weekends are silent energy transmissions, no need to block off time for it, and you are welcome to let us know if there is something in particular you are working on. Sherry conducts her unique Essential Dolphin Energies Weekends twice each month.

MP3 PureEnergy Downloads™ and Guided Activations
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Pineal PureEnergy Download

1-pinealThis non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ stimulates the production of melatonin by the pineal and also upgrades its connection with all others endocrine centers and organs. Melatonin helps improve the quality of your sleep and increases daytime alertness. A vital gland, the pineal brings added vitality as well as an amplified connection to the divine. This PureEnergy Download™ delivers an upgrade and detox of the pineal gland as well as alignment to your vortexes.

Pituitary PureEnergy Download

1-pituitaryThe master pituitary gland controls several of the other hormone glands including the thyroid and adrenals. While usually the size of a pea and situated in a bony hollow beneath the base of the brain and just behind the bridge of your nose. The gland consists of two lobes and the energy of this PureEnergy Download™ works with the grids around the pituitary and the nose. Pituitary detox is included.

Hypothalamus PureEnergy Download

1-hypothalamusUse of this non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ strengthens and reinforces the function of the hypothalamus which is the connection between the endocrine and nervous systems. The hypothalamus secretes vital neuro-hormones responsible for body temperature, sleep, fatigue, hunger and thirst among other things. A well-functioning hypothalamus is essential for body vitality and you will feel a boost of deep energy and dynamism.

Thyroid & Parathyroid PureEnergy Download

1-ThyroidOur biggest endocrine gland, the thyroid, is prone to several environmental stressors and often people feel imbalances of the thyroid. The thyroid is designed to align the upgraded energetic blueprint of your thyroid, if you just need a pick-me-up or have an over- or under-active thyroid or have autoimmune weakness with it. Detox and vortex clearing and upgrades are included.

Thymus PureEnergy Download

1-thymusThe thymus secretes hormones integral for developing children and immune response. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the thymus, the heart and subtle bodies. The thymus is included in all energy work although most medical professionals consider it dormant for adults. I consider it part of all energetic heart work and that is included on this download.

Adrenals PureEnergy Download

1-adrenals2Our adrenals are often weak or on overdrive. As with the other glands they are all interrelated. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the gland balance and rejuvenation plus all the emotions that attach here in and their dysfunctional patterns. This pyramid shaped gland is supported with this PureEnergy Download™. An adrenal detox is included with this transmission.

Pancreas PureEnergy Download

The dual functions of the pancreas is the production of digestive enzymes draining into the duodenum and hormones for sugar balance into the blood stream. Like other endocrine centers the pancreas suffers with so much thought and worry around it. This PureEnergy Download™ considers the ability to break down our food and self generate.

Ovaries PureEnergy Download

1-ovariesThe ovaries PureEnergy Download™ is good to listen to even if you have been through menopause or have had surgical removal. It works on releasing memories and energies within the area and its relationship to the other endocrine centers.

Testicles PureEnergy Download

1-TesticlesWomen may also listen to this transmission. The ovaries and testicles will also work within the relationships we have to each other and our collective memories to upgrades of these energy centers. Energy for prostate was also included in this download.

Adrenals Deep Dive PureEnergy Download

1-adrenalsOptional for those prepared to dive deeply into unconscious patterns that need to move. Deep, unconscious clearings may occur when using this PureEnergy Download™. To complete these unconscious clearings, bringing them to conscious attention may be part of your process. Ask yourself if this is the right timing to listen to this one.

Endocrine Neurotransmitter with Dolphin Essential Energies PureEnergy Download

1-EndocrineNeurotransmitterThe endocrine system regulates all hormone glands in our bodies. This non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ is designed to reinforce the neurotransmitter circuitry regulating the whole endocrine system including: pineal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid, thymus and adrenal. It strengthens connection between all endocrine parts and aligns them to your original blueprint.

Neutrality PureEnergy Download

NewAge Body7Sometimes we need assistance to get back to our neutral state. This is where our empowerment resides, when we are able to let go of what pulls us out of our center and empowerment.

New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download

lro_earthriseStay strong in difficult times. This PureEnergy Download™ not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability, resilience with heart and strength.

Ultraviolet Liquid Crystal Plus PureEnergy Download

1-violet_crystal_starburstThis PureEnergy Download™ assists with balancing between the other PureEnergy Downloads™. It uses ultraviolet liquid crystal and other energies. The liquid crystal moves through the body with ease and grace and assists the evolutionary energies with gentle balance.

Endocrine Neurotransmitter with Dolphin Essential Energies Guided Activation

This energy transmission strengthens your chemical messengers of your neurotransmitters and your hormone. There is a circuitry of energy used to strengthen and balance the transmissions.

The endocrine system regulates hormones, including the glands in our bodies. This activation is designed to reinforce the neurotransmitter circuitry regulating the whole endocrine system including: pineal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid, thymus and adrenal. It strengthens connection between all endocrine relationships and aligns them to your original blueprint. Including your hypothalamus and its connection back to CNS. Of course we are including the gut hormones and the ones our conscious mind may be unaware of.

Some researchers believe 86% of us have sub optimal neurotransmitters that are responsible for telling our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe and your stomach to digest. Lets shape up our neurotransmitters to strengthen our neural connections.

Rejuvenate & Regenerate with Dolphin Essential Energies Guided Activation

This activation tackles cellular rejuvenation giving a new life to cells and restoring them to their optimal condition. As a result, cellular regeneration will be stimulated and the body’s self-healing abilities amplified. It is particularly helpful for restoring hair follicles for rejuvenated hair and bringing back the strength to weak nails. Be fit all the way through.

Golden Blanket Guided Activation

1-treasure-from-the-depths_thumbA beautiful combination of energies and colors designed to assist you in in feeling your authentic empowered self-embodying unconditional love. The Golden Blanket is the sovereign step into what after the Authentic Heart.

Restorative Blanket Guided Activation

1-RestorativeBlanket2The restorative blanket is designed as a rescue blanket, helpful after intense work, after shock, and any time you need calming and grounding, feel a ‘rip’ inside or deep disturbance. It restores your connection with your multidimensional self, your physical body, and your soul. For some, you may feel a re connection deeper than you have experienced before and others will gently come back to their knowing and empowered state.


This is an evolutionary energy shifting from the quantum through the DNA through the entire body. Each PureEnergy Download™ has unique energies for each gland and the relationship within the physical body, brain, nervous system and energetic bodies. The physical signature shifts as well as the new design of energetic vortexes within the body to support new energetic pathways needed for our new bodies.

Magnetic Lotus is the center point of equilibrium within your being. Finally, the light and the depth of your inner feminine and masculine align in dynamic tension and harmonize with the high frequency light of our next evolutionary shift.

Magnetic Lotus bridges the physical to the metaphysical to the multi-dimensional realities. Your awareness and enlightenment increase and you begin to increase your ability to be in charge of your life and truly live your purpose. Your experience aligns into grace and ease as you begin to create from the strength of the universe and the physical world.