Category: Prosperity Waves

Drawing on 25 years of life and spiritual growth in the Hawaiian Islands, Sherry brings you an energetic renewal and rebirth into the abundance, prosperity, and transformative powers of these islands.

Price: $97.00

The Hawaiian concept of Lokahi is the basis of the Essence of Unity package. Lokahi is the foundation for healing, peacemaking, harmony and, more importantly, to reunite that which has been broken back into unity and awareness. In short, to renew a way of life.

Price: $167.00

Prosperity Expansion grows from two Hawaiian concepts: Pono and Pomaika’i. Pono means to be in perfect balance and alignment with all of life, fully aligned to the creative energy of the universe and in complete harmony with the Earth. Pomaika’i refers to being blessed, fortunate, lucky, and prosperous.

Price: $247.00