Living Aloha
Package A

Prosperity Waves

Living Aloha – Package A

Join the evolutionary journey
through ancient and sacred Hawaiian sites…

Join me on an evolutionary journey as I retrace some of the most significant transformative events of my life, and upgraded them. This program contains energies that you can lightly accept and feel refreshed as if you took a Hawaiian vacation yourself, or you can have the energies expand your insights and consciousness so you are gracefully preparing for 2017 and making your holidays a lot easier. Or, you can go all in and embody the energy of the Christos. That means you can feel your body accept the full energy and feel who you will be in body, mind, and spirit as you align. The choice is yours. 

This expansion will focus on prosperity, manifestation and synthesis, providing better health, better finances, joyful relationships and ascension energies.

This package includes:

  • 8 mp3 Sacred Hawaiian PureEnergy Downloads all-new non-verbal energy recordings layered with natural sounds and infused with the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha.
  • Private Facebook Group to share your goals and accomplishments with new friends.

Plus these BONUS items:

  • 4 mp3 Dolphin Spirit Guided Activations designed to bring the joyful play of the Dolphins to your spiritual prosperity and growth.
  • 3 mp3 Abundance Guided Activations designed to support and inspire your creativity, manifestation, and achievement of your goals in life.
  • Create Your Personal Abundance Playground online and downloadable slide show.


8 Sacred Hawaiian PureEnergy Downloads™ (click title for details)

Moku Ola Coconut Island

Moku Ola, also known as Coconut Island, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is considered a place of refuge and a powerful healing island. Legend says you can heal anything if you swim around the island three times. Because of its sacredness, mothers in ancient times used to bury the umbilical cords of their babies under the rocks on the island. I have personally had some intense, life changing experiences while meditating on the island. This was recorded during a deep meditation with the island and my prior experiences there, you can hear sounds of that day including playful voices of children in the background.

Rebirth and Rejuvenation at Thurston Lava Tube

Once molten lava ran through this tube. Today it is dark with moist greenery surrounding it in a rain forest. Drops of percolating water fall on the ground as this was recorded with transmitted energies of renewal and rejuvenation. Feel your energy flow through the tube as you rebirth your life with regeneration. This PureEnergy Download™ refreshes but also resets the nervous system. It clears and prepares the body for rejuvenation and a reset or rebirth or spirit. I find it a comforting location as if being in the womb of the earth.

Mauna Olu Brain Balance

While in the Mauna Olu valley on Oahu, I heard a strong message to download a brain balance. This PureEnergy Download™ adds clearings on all levels of your nervous system and brain and downloads new energies for function, reset and upgrade. This is especially helpful to clear brain fog. The valley has very strong connected energies balancing the masculine and feminine polarities.

Mauna Olu Grace

Grace, while connected or plugged into Hawaiian lands, came in beautiful waves of acceptance and joy for all that is. There is an elegance to accepting all that is and the history of your life and gently allow emotional anchors to soften and release. You can use this recording as frequently as you like. This was recorded in a bamboo stand next to a stream as waves of acceptance for hundreds of life experiences let go. The beauty of the fabric of life was very strong during this experience and you can experience this with me right where you are.

Nexus of Energy at Kealakekua and Honaunau

The bay in front of the Honaunau Place of Refuge and Kealakekua bay are both known for their dolphin resting sites, turtles, and beautiful underwater gardens.

This PureEnergy Download™ records the nexus of energy that comes through as a male-female integration and balancing to assist you in strengthening your field and opening dormant flows. I’ve captured and amplified this energy between the two bays as we watched dolphins and turtles play. We keep the gentle surf and bird sounds on the recording for you. This is one of the sacred places I have experienced expansion and upgrades.

Elemental Balance at Kane'aki Heiau

While at the Kane’aki Heiau in the beautiful Waianae mountains, I noticed a perfect balance of water, air, verdant earth, and the polarity of Female and Male energies in the mountains. I recorded this wonderful spiritual fire of the upgrade I was receiving to share with you here.

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau - Place of Refuge

I revisited the place I have felt the most powerful transformation, from spontaneous kundalini rising to the first embodiment of the Christo self, the new evolution of humanity. While many other universal energies are in play and we have met many of them, the Christos embodiment is universal for the evolution of mankind. This PureEnergy Download™ captures a revisit of that original embodied energy for me in the upgraded energies of today’s gateways to our next world and who we will be in it.

September Full Moon at Kilauea Rift

This is the essence of renewal. Under a full moon, fresh molten lava pouring into the Pacific ocean – building new land as we watch. Strong foundational energy to let go and allow the new foundation to build within you. As you listen, create the inner image and feeling of the fulfillment of what is new you truly want. This is best to use after some of the earlier MP3s, preparing your energy for your new prosperous life.

Essential energies and the primal forces of wind, lava, (fire-earth), water, are captured from a safe distance off shore and layered with energies I transmitted to assist you to your new foundational beginning with the full moon gateway energies. Use thisPureEnergy Download™ for reset and to build empowerment.

7 BONUS Guided Activations (click title for details)

Dolphin Spirit 1 - Initiation

Guided activation with embedded energy, clearings, integrations and up-leveling.

Play this one first to connect with the Dolphin spirits. This initiates creativity, delightful joy, opens your heart and makes space for bliss. This also sets the stage to receive messages from the Dolphin spirits.

Dolphin Spirit 2 - Purifying Your Physical Body in the Dolphin Spirit Whirl

Guided activation with embedded energy, clearings, integrations and up-leveling.

Balance and purify your body with the Dolphin energies and your infinite potential; resetting and detoxing nerves, blood, lymph, and brain, vital flows, memories, digestion, brains, enteric nervous system, central nervous system and mobility. Many found this to be a favorite.

Dolphin Spirit 3 - Healing Relationships with Play

Guided activation with embedded energy, clearings, integrations and up-leveling.

Lighten up heavy energies and memories leaving a stream of clarity for yourself and others. Also, disentangle from morphic fields and collective influences. Dolphin spirits teach your inner child to take care of itself. Quick relationship reset for family or new acquaintances.

Dolphin Series 10 - Igniting the Creative Soul

Guided activation with embedded energy to ignite your creativity.

This activation is layered with bliss, loving how you look and feel. Aligning you to your most desired state. There was an additional layer of aligning to your best numbers of measurements. Plus rejuvenation of skin and face. Artful expression and expressing yourself beyond your cultural limitations.

Luminescent Dream Catcher Visualization

Guided activation with embedded energy to reflect your true heart’s desire and align with the highest self.

The Luminescent Dream Catcher is layered with accepting dreams beyond our knowing, and receiving benefits we have not yet considered, discernment for resonant desires. There are physical atunements made for the quantum field under the verbal guidance and activation. This is perfect for experiencing your magic.

Energy Integrity Dream Catcher

Guided activation with embedded energy for increasing your awareness and preserving the integrity of your energy field and keeping your energy from leaking. Particularity in growth spirits clients tell me they often feel vulnerable this assists you in holding the energy integrity of your connections and field of energy.

New Earth Resilience

Guided activation with embedded energy to support embracing the changes all around.

Shift out of the collective fear of earth changes and disasters and transmute your fractal experiences. The planet is changing; become neutral to the new earth perspective. Are you super sensitive to impending shifts? This will even out your response so you will not overwhelm your nervous system. This harmonizes your experiences of the new earth with your field.


The Hawaiian concept of Lokahi is the basis of the Essence of Unity package. Lokahi is the foundation for healing, peacemaking, harmony and, more importantly, to reunite that which has been broken back into unity and awareness. In short, to renew a way of life.

Prosperity Expansion grows from two Hawaiian concepts: Pono and Pomaika’i. Pono means to be in perfect balance and alignment with all of life, fully aligned to the creative energy of the universe and in complete harmony with the Earth. Pomaika’i refers to being blessed, fortunate, lucky, and prosperous.