Refined Intuition

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I Rise

This recording is releasing hierarchical and patriarchal limitations within the mind, such as anxiety worry, projections, and comparisons. The next step to our Divine Awakening affects our mind and how we work with our mind, body, and spirit in a naturally continuous, nurturing flow.

I Rise to Timeless Wisdom and Intuition

Unbind the power of your essential nature. Burn away the noise and debris that limit your field of vision and perception. Do you split your energy, weakening yourself, about deep states or "others"? Strengthen with loving light from within. Elemental balance after the initiation. Begin to operate from oneness. There are a multitude of taught energetic patterns that hold us separate, it's time to let them go! When they release, you can begin to engage with your higher perception and not be fooled or held hostage by patterns.

Who is Your Puppet Master?

Really. Where have you subtly given away your power? Who did you give your choices to? Are you ready to stop the energetic bleeding?

Integrating personal power you gave away, perhaps unknowingly, from the collective, politics, relationships, ancestry and career, is the topic of this call. Your empowered dynamic is ready to upgrade now.

Unbind Your Power

Unbind the power of your essential nature. Burn away the noise and debris that limit your field of vision and perception. Strengthen with loving light from within. Elemental balance after the initiation.

 Reclaim your energetic integrity

 Experience The Phoenix Light Transformation

Ancestral Miasms, Patterns and Strengths

Releasing layered miasms of ancestral patterns and their entanglements with global forces and deep seated fears. Integrate strengths and insights we gain from our ancestors without taking on the weaknesses.

 Draw strength from your ancestral line.

 Experience the Well of Strength process.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
Energetic Instruction

We are constantly being bombarded with information overload, alternative facts, fake news, gas-lighting, trolling, and other abuses. This Artificial Intelligence series is designed to protect you from these attachments and to help you get disentangled to restore clarity, perspective, and reclaim your sovereignty.

In this first MP3, I describe the phenomenon, how these issues are manifest and how they attach to your consciousness. You will discover how to recognize and avoid the subtle hooks these attachments use to control you and create addictive loops that keep you from your truth.

Artificial Intelligence Guided Activation

A verbal transmission designed to support your recovery, protection, and future ability to deal with this energy fields. Includes a silent meditation at the end. Use before communicating with anyone who gaslights, or you doubt yourself after being around them. Use before texting, talking on the phone or viewing technology of any kind, including TV. Absolutely use before you explore outrage or groups where people post to hook you for attention or trolling.

Artificial Intelligence PureEnergy Download

This PureEnergy Download™ is a silent meditation and energetic alignment where I hold the energy of your recovery and protection from these destructive energies.

Use these recordings along with basic energy hygiene practices to escape this addiction. After a while you will be good at holding this energy yourself and you can re-listen for touch ups.

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