Magnetic Lotus - Sacred Places

The Healing Waters of Rennes les Bains

Southern France

      1. The Healing Waters of Rennes les Bains

People come to this place to soak in the healing waters and meditate.
I felt a lot of elementals, a very peaceful energy.

recorded by Kana Koinuma

The Three Sisters

Monument Valley

      2. The Three Sisters, Monument Valley

I felt there is still lots of clearing through out Monument Valley. Anasazi Indians or ancient one and the Navajo. Most needed between the Spanish and the Indians.

recorded by Carmen Peer

Long House Arch and Flute

Mesa Verde

      3. Flute at Long House Arch
      4. Window Arch, Mesa Verde

recorded by Carmen Peer

Big Hoghan and Flute

Monument Valley

      5. Big Hoghan and Flute

The singing was man telling story through sounds only, like a lullaby, not words. He said they only would use good things they experience on their journeys to pass the time in these songs, even if it was just seeing a blooming flower on their way.

recorded by Carmen Peer