I Rise to the Sacred Union of My Evolved Soul

Learn the new divine codes to having extraordinary intuition, manifesting within your unique flow, and rejuvenating and healing your body.


Rise to a new way of thinking...

The extremes in thinking and the chaos that is emerging now is our opportunity for birthing the new consciousness that is Rising from within us. As the extremes swirl around us and are amplified, the foundation of the old consciousness is crumbling.

This pressure is much like the pressure of birth on a spiritual level and consciousness is rising from within you. Right now you can emerge in an awakening of a new divine consciousness. The pressures of the extremes are activating this inner birth. ​​​​​​​The timing is now for the awakening of your Intuitive Power.

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Rise to Your New Consciousness...

Join me to explore the new paradigm of Rising. I will be offering energy work for all listeners and will speak to callers live. The call will be recorded; even if you can't attend live you can submit a question and get the energies from the recording.

Sunday June 11th

9:00 AM US/Pacific time

10:00 AM US/Mountain time

11:00 AM US/Central time

12:00 PM US/Eastern time

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