Alchemy of the Heart 2.0
Package A

Soul Synthesis

Alchemy of the Heart 2.0

Clear away the heaviness of fear, shame, guilt, delusions, unhealthy competition and old patterns slowing down your health, relationships and finances. Find the real you and the energy to have your best life ever. Experience the powerful energetic modality of Soul Synthesis…

Join Sherry as she shares the Alchemy of the Authentic Heart:

  • Unconditional love and personal empowerment
  • Retrieve your lost gifts and talents
  • Resolve negative energetic patterns and emotions
  • Find your personal truth of who you are
  • Overcome the obstacles to your authentic self

This package includes:

  • 8 Transformative Modules 90+ minutes each of transformative activations and energetic clearings.
  • 6 mp3 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • 8 mp3 PureEnergy Downloads™ non-verbal energy transmissions.
  • Private FaceBook Group to share your experiences and successes.