Optimal Wellness
Package C

The Medical Intuitive Essentials Program

This package includes:

  • A 25-minute Personal Session with Sherry. Includes a downloadable recording of your session.
  • 4 Live Teleconference Calls loaded with energetic clearings and activations. Sherry will take your questions live on the calls. Even if you are unable to attend live, she will take your question on the call if submitted beforehand. Includes downloadable recordings.
  • 10 mp3 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • 7 mp3 PureEnergy Download™ silent energy transmissions.

Experience a full 25-minute personal session with Sherry as she focuses her attention and skills on the core, foundational opportunities for development and growth in your life and answers any questions you may have. Participate live as Sherry hosts 4 group teleconference calls to address universal issues and your personal challenges. Join Sherry as she leads you into well-being at all levels, integrating her medical intuitive talents, her deep knowledge of bridges between the physical and metaphysical, her renowned Dolphin energies and her signature PureEnergy Downloads™ in this collection of mp3 recordings. 

  • Restore harmonious physical connections
  • Rebalance your hormones
  • Reset your nervous system
  • Reinitiate perfect organ communication
  • Reclaim a balanced relationship with your body
  • Stay energetically strong and clear
  • Clear the path to your optimal health
  • Relieve your own pain, anytime, anywhere
  • Hear your body’s communication like never before
  • Your body; your real BFF