True Divine Alignment PureEnergy Downloads™
Package D

Master Your Complete Life
True Divine Alignment PureEnergy Downloads™ – Package D

Sherry often sees clients connected to energies at odds with their divine alignment. This can cause confusion, loss of energy and a sense of disconnection. Often people report discovering they let go of false identities and long held dense alliances of programming. Let go of the old matrix and old paradigm consciousness and align with your true unique self. Sometimes people let go all at once or in waves of awareness. These PureEnergy Downloads™ purify and align you to your source or Infinite Potential. Once aligned our expansion quickens and our insight increases. Those who are looking for physical relief from pain or injuries report significant improvement.

PureEnergy Downloads™ are non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones in mp3 digital recording format.

Playfulness PureEnergy Download

Playfulness can be used as a gateway to creativity, your core connection and abundance. We use playfulness to increase health and assist in expansion after periods of contraction.

9:48 min
Divine Bliss PureEnergy Download

Amplified Bliss to raise vibrations of illumination and feel good. This is a go to energy for many of us. If we feel limited or need to rise out of a stuck feeling, this is a powerful PureEnergy Download™.

10:16 min
Love PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aFeel pure divine love unconditionally. This PureEnergy Download™ assists with self acceptance and shifting harsh or difficult emotions. Its very good to use with Authentic Heart Protocol or when we need to come to calm acceptance and wisdom.

9:47 min
Relationship Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Create harmonious relationship with yourself and others. This infusion is designed with harmony in all aspects of relationships with in families or with partners. Embedded within it are the energies of the Infinity Loop to assist moving energy and refining possibilities.

8:49 min
Spiritual Tantra PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aThis PureEnergy Download™ infuses the energies of sensuality and the ability of partners to merge energetically into blissful states and separate with grace learning, empowering each other without draining each other.

9:11 min
Neutrality PureEnergy Download

Sometimes we need assistance to get back to our neutral state. This is where our empowerment resides, when we are able to let go of what pulls us out of our center and empowerment.

9:41 min
Discernment PureEnergy Download

Mastering the skills of discernment can take a lifetime. This is part of our journey to learn and grow. This PureEnergy Download™ allows you the ability to begin to center in that skill and gentle gives you energies to complete the cycles that keep you uncertain of choices. All roads lead home but if you want a boost to assist, play discernment.

9:35 min
Increased Insight PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aConnecting to our inner wisdom, our innate wisdom, our perception and intuition is a skill that can continue to expand throughout your life. This PureEnergy Download™ assists with foundational and growth in this area.

9:14 min
Security PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aDeep connections to the secure and sacred part of you where you can feel your depth of connection to yourself. Multiple clearings and strengthening energies are on this infusion, assisting you deep within yourself and your alignment.

9:41 min