Essential Energy of the Dolphin Spirits
Package C

Master Your Complete Life
Essential Energy of the Dolphin Spirits – Package C

Dolphins have always held a special relationship with humans. The energy of Dolphins is a sublime source of divine joy, healing, acceptance, and love. Dolphins hold magical energy in human culture now and in the past. Dolphins are credited in ancient Minoan and Greek mythology for saving humans and gods at sea, bringing lovers together and assisting humans. In this series of audio-energetic downloads, Sherry captures and transmits the energy of Dolphins to synergize and co-create your complete life. Dolphin spiritual energy brings about joy, physical comfort, and can quicken a shift, deliver love, and lift depressed thoughts and stagnation. They also activate the inner divine child’s creativity. From her first meeting with them at the age of seven, Sherry connected to the infinite joy they want to give people, in or out of the water. Sherry has personally experienced miracles of Dolphin spirit energy. She will share this with you and how you can also experience these miracles. Poseidon was said to place Dolphins in the constellation. Sherry uses the essential energy of Dolphins in spirit form and has a solid relationship with them in the sea.

Dolphin Spirit 1 – Initiation

Play this one first to connect with the Dolphin spirits. This initiates creativity, delightful joy, opens your heart and makes space for bliss. This also sets the stage to receive messages from the Dolphin spirits.

6:41 min
Dolphin Spirit 2 – Purifying Your Physical Body in the Dolphin Spirit Whirl

Balance and purify your body with the Dolphin energies and your infinite potential; resetting and detoxing nerves, blood, lymph, and brain, vital flows, memories, digestion, brains, enteric nervous system, central nervous system and mobility. Many found this to be a favorite. 

8:12 min
Dolphin Spirit 3 – Healing Relationships with Play

1-Icon-New4aLighten up heavy energies and memories leaving a stream of clarity for yourself and others. Also, disentangle from morphic fields and collective influences. Dolphin spirits teach your inner child to take care of itself. Quick relationship reset for family or new acquaintances.

4:26 min
Dolphin Spirit 4 – Birth of the Divine Child

Many years ago I was awakened early in the morning and guided to a beach. There, a pod of Dolphins invited me into the water to watch the birth of a Dolphin. This audio weaves my experience into a guided journey of bliss and awe. Many find this transmission opens untapped bliss and can awaken our own divine child.

8:35 min
Dolphin Spirit 5 – Releasing Grief

1-Icon-New4aThis activation delivers a profound release of dense emotions with love and Dolphin spirits. Clear yourself of another’s grief and collective fields. Upgrade your hormonal communications and awaken sleepy brain connections. Archangel Uriel assists with the heart clearing.

9:15 min
Dolphin Spirit 6 – Infusion

This is an infusion of Dolphin spirit strengths. We take the energies they carry and download any that are applicable to our wellbeing. Examples are sensuality, expressiveness, grace, heroism, and playfulness.

8:07 min
Dolphin Spirit 7 – Life Enhancement

Clear up your energy field, your home, and community. Use this energy to enhance your daily life. This audio clears up your life and teaches you how to do it.

6:30 min
Dolphin Spirit 8 – Relationship Clearing

Clears and clarifies space for communicating with loved ones or those we are having a difficult time letting go of or feel unfinished business with.

9:45 min
Dolphin Spirit 9 – Communicating with the Other Side

This process will enable you to communicate with someone who has passed. It can also be used to communicate with our divine child or spirit guides.

6:18 min
Dolphin Spirit 10 – Igniting the Creative Soul

Learn a creative alchemical process to assist you in igniting the fires of your inner muse. It fuels money making, improving your health, boosting your mojo and your zest for life.

9:52 min