Upgrade Your Life PureEnergy Downloads™
Package B

Master Your Complete Life
Upgrade Your Life PureEnergy Downloads™ – Package B

Words can never express the fullness of energy. Sherry has developed proprietary methods to pack the energies of her Guided Activations and processes into a non-verbal recording. Many clients report excellent results from her unique PureEnergy Download™ recordings, often preferring these to the verbal versions. PureEnergy Downloads™ bypass the judgments of the conscious mind. These are great to let run while you are sleeping or in the background during your busy day. Also, meditate with them anytime you are wanting a particular energetic assistance.

PureEnergy Downloads™ are non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones in mp3 digital recording format.

Expanding Time (Timeless Grace) PureEnergy Download

Experience your life with the freedom of expanded time. This PureEnergy Download™ deletes the pressures and urgencies that compress time and shorten your day, and your life.

9:56 min
Nervous System Upgrade PureEnergy Download

Our nervous system and its connection to the brain and body is essential to our well-being. This PureEnergy Download™ clears limiting patterns of yours and others that limit its function and ability to detox.

9:38 min
Memory Upgrade PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aUpgrade your memory system for a better life. This PureEnergy Download™ assists in removing the most common obstacles to memory such as over thinking, other people’s thoughts, pressure, and fears.

9:32 min
Manifesting Abundance in your Life PureEnergy Download

This PureEnergy Download™ adjusts the receptive and giving energies in your body and magnetic ability to attract and hold prosperity. This mp3 is settling for the body and prepares you for your energy.

9:55 min
New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aStay strong in difficult times. This PureEnergy Download™ not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability with heart and strength.

9:01 min
Release Overwhelm PureEnergy Download

Remove overwhelm from your body and energy field. Overwhelm comes in many forms. Sometimes our brains shut down, sometimes we get obsessive about what is happening outside of our sovereign self, keeping us from our most congruent life. This PureEnergy Download™ deletes the energy of overwhelm from your field and restores your natural calm confidence.

8:24 min
The Restorative Blanket PureEnergy Download

Restore your body after a shock, surgery, pain, upset, emotional upheaval, trauma, or simply the difficulties of daily living. Use this PureEnergy Download™ when you feel out of sorts and need the comfort of a rescue blanket. The non-verbal energetic download of “The Restorative Blanket Guided Activation”. Excellent on repeat while sleeping.

9:22 min
Manifest Dreams PureEnergy Download™

1-Icon-New4aThis infusion is to bridge the dreams that are resonant to you to your reality, to bring them all the way into your creation.

9:39 min