Upgrade Your Life
Package A

Master Your Complete Life
Upgrade Your Life РPackage A

Upgrade your life with powerful transformational tools and teachings developed by Sherry, internationally known Multidimensional Integrator, Medical Intuitive and Soul Whisperer. This series of audio-energetic downloads is designed to increase wellness for physical symptoms, improve relationships, expand your time, and improve your abundance. The audios include techniques you can use daily to give you added zest for life and increased joy. They include specific teachings that are easily adaptable for you personally.

Expanding Time (Timeless Grace)

Not enough time in a day? Download this aligned frequency to expand time without pressure. Use this to continually restore yourself as you move through deadlines. Give yourself the gift of grace in action. This has been a very popular and often used by my clients.

8:15 min
Nervous System Upgrade

This is the process I have used to stop all symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and a handful of autoimmune diagnoses. It is also good for anyone experiencing limited physical function. I have received many testimonials on this process assisting with issues of pain and discomfort.

7:51 min
Memory Upgrade

Are you forgetful? Do you sometimes walk into a room and wonder why? This Guided Activation deletes energies that interfere with memory and inhibit access to your memory.

10:30 min
Manifesting Abundance in your Life

I use an ancient technique to balance the male and female qualities within you using earth energies. This balance revives your giving and receiving aspects as well as the parts that magnetically attract our resources and those that take action for it. Also, I have included a physical detox, disentangling collective limitations, and upgrades for your multidimensional self.

13:17 min
New Earth Resilience

Shift out of the collective fear of earth changes and change your experiences and perspective. The planet is changing, and people are suffering – become neutral to the new earth perspective. Are you super sensitive to impending shifts? This will even out your response so you will not overwhelm your nervous system. Its from our neutral state that we can be our best and can offer our gifts.

6:03 min
Release Overwhelm

Let go of limiting energies that aren’t yours and the programs you are carrying that limit your ability to have your best life. It’s time to renew your relationship with your body, mind and spirit.

9:17 min
The Restorative Blanket

The restorative blanket is designed as a rescue blanket, helpful after intense work, after shock, and any time you need calming and grounding, feel a ‘rip’ inside or deep disturbance. It restores your connection with your multidimensional self, your physical body, and your soul. For some, you may feel a re-connection deeper than you have experienced before and others will gently come back to their knowing and empowered state.

9:01 min
Integrating Your Purpose

Reset and upgrade your energy to get in touch with your purpose and discover your next step. This activation gives you a strong foundation from which to align your purpose.

8:45 min
Chambers of the Heart

Dive into the heart chakra, clear out old debris, and love yourself. This Guided Activation clears outdated heart patterns of authority, realigns our connections to others and allows for the light of perception to assist you in your updating of heart energy.

8:40 min
Bliss Download and Body Upgrade with Archangel Uriel

Guided Activation with energies of bliss and the Archangels guiding you to upgrade your body function. This is a full body clearing working within your body and energetic field to assist you in feeling more aligned and internally connected.

7:39 min