Magnetic Lotus Empowerment Upgrade

Magnetic Lotus
Empowerment Upgrade

Your Journey to Wholeness

This program is your source of empowerment for:

  • Releases
  • Prosperity
  • Soul Growth
  • Health and Wellness

This package includes:

  • 4 Live Transformative Group Calls loaded with energetic clearings, initiations and activations. Sherry will take your questions live or in writing. Includes downloadable recordings of each call with the full energies expressed during the call.
  • Dolphin Essential Energy Support begins as soon as you sign up through November 8th.
  • 21-days of LiveEnergy Download begins December 9th through December 30th.
  • Private Facebook Group Join Sherry and like-minded souls as you embark on this journey together.

The live calls are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person. Sherry will answer some written questions on the call and the complete transformative energies are included in the replay.

Live Transformative Group Calls

Dolphin Essential Energy Support

Dolphin Essential Energy Support

Begins the moment you join until our first call

Receive LiveEnergy Download™ of angelic and loving Dolphin energies beginning as soon as you join this program. Experience joy, self-love, creative boost, rejuvenation, playfulness and bliss. We will be sending regeneration energies for all of your body, the quantum field into the cells, molecules, DNA and telomeres. The whole physical structure will receive these down loads three times each day leading up to our first call on October 29th.

Call 1: Release the Ties that Bind

Release the Ties that Bind

Sunday October 29th @ 4:00pm US/Pacific time

Beliefs and energetic structures you are invested in that hold you back are ready to let go, let them. Sometimes we resist the change and other times we welcome it. This call will prepare you for each.

Call 2: Divine Feminine Awakening

Divine Feminine Awakening

Wednesday November 8th @ 4:00pm US/Pacific time

Divine feminine awakening can feel like a descent rather than ascension. On this call we will find strength and confidence in the awakening of your feminine resources. Release lies and judgement over the feminine awaked state. Find discernment of what is an empowered state versus one that is not and how to tell the difference. The heart refinement continues with this call. You maybe feeling a new energy in your heart now; this call will bring attention to the new refinements in inspiration of the heart.

21-days of LiveEnergy Download

21-days of LiveEnergy Download

December 9th through December 30th

This 21-day LiveEnergy Download™ session is a comprehensive energy transmission including balance of the body-mind-spirit, alignment to the universal framework, and resonant energies to lift, clean, clear, and repair your personal light grids so that you can receive all the support the universe can provide. This process can clarify and simplify the things that have been chronically blocking you in your life and will facilitate moving through obstacles. The more connected you are to your light grids, the more aligned you are to the symphony of universal energy. This energetic “tune-up” brings a new level of fluidity and ease to your manifestations and your play.

Call 3: Physical Body Magnetic Lotus Upgrade

Physical Body Magnetic Lotus Upgrade

Saturday December 16th @ 9:00am US/Pacific time

Upgrade to your Magnetic Lotus life force and your inner fulfilment. These are strong energies to support your inner being. Magnetic Lotus is designed to enhance your life force and resource energy for your healthy life. Awaken to the fearless state of soul evolution. Being at one or attuned to your inner resources is the soul’s journey.

Call 4: Braid of Success Initiation

Braid of Success Initiation

Saturday December 30th @ 9:00am US/Pacific time

This is the Prosperity Kickoff for 2018. Experience the Braid of Success Initiation. How we program success is shifting and how we create is shifting. This refined energy work is for turning the page on a next chapter of life. Sherry has 30 years of success in assisting those ready to kick off their prosperity. Join us for this preparation for creating in 2018.



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Magnetic Lotus is the center point of equilibrium within your being. Finally, the light and the depth of your inner feminine and masculine align in dynamic tension and harmonize with the high frequency light of our next evolutionary shift.