Essential Manifestation
Package A

The Abundance Playground
Essential Manifestation – Package A

This package includes:

  • 1 Live Transformative Group Call loaded with energetic clearings and activations. Sherry will take your questions live. Includes downloadable recording. 
  • 2 Essential Dolphin Energies Weekends with daily live Energy Activation transmissions infused with Essential Dolphin Energies.
  • 7 MP3 Transformative Modules packed with clearings, activations, and processes to transmute your energy and transform your life.
  • 6 mp3 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • 8 mp3 PureEnergy Downloads™ silent energy recordings.
  • Slide Show Guide to Create Your Personal Abundance Playground
  • Private Facebook Group to share your goals and accomplishments with new friends.


Module 1: The Abundance Playground

  • Discover what you truly want
  • Align your empowerment for manifestation
  • Design your personal space and playground
  • Develop relationship ease with wealth and time
  • Prepare your multidimensional space for your intentions to manifest
  • Clear known or unknown limitations, blocks, and self-sabotage
  • Remove energy cysts holding you back

1hr 26min

Module 2: Essential Manifestation Attunement

  • Clarify and purify your intentions
  • Design a blueprint for your successful self
  • Align to your highest creative source and highest potential
  • Open avenues you haven’t dreamed of yet
  • Rituals: when they help and when they don’t
  • Upgrade your identity to a magnificent creator

1hr 24min

Module 3: Energy Hygiene for Abundance

  • Daily choices that make abundance easy.
  • How to use parallel existences to quicken abundance.
  • Update your mindfulness to keep your manifestations flowing.
  • When affirmations are working for or against your goal.
  • When goals and dreams should be private or public
  • Unconscious ways we set ourselves up to lose

1hr 40min

Module 4: Resolve Numbers and Word Triggers

  • Clear limitations with lucky or unlucky numbers (such as birth order, decimals, deadlines, targets, etc. that weaken you)
  • Clear word and phrase triggers (such as debt, 1 percent, bankruptcy, prosperity, rich, wealth, loser, etc. that weaken you)
  • Which paradigm are you creating in?
  • Clearing energetic limitations related to taxes, government regulation, and inheritance

2hr 23min

Module 5: Debt Busters

Cancel your debts to remove their energy cysts holding you down and interfering with your manifestations.

  • Transcending your concepts of karma
  • Letting yourself (and others) off the hook
  • How to end the self punishment
  • Paying your debts: achieving a debt-free consciousness
  • What others owe you, what you owe them and what you owe yourself
  • Who are you working for?
  • Delete patterns of money as punishment and control

2hr 22min

Module 6: Dolphin Spirit – Swimming in Abundance

Activation with essential Dolphin energy to make way for more prosperity.

  • Upgrade your energetic field and flow.
  • Opening to receive and accept your prosperity
  • Investing in your self
  • Confidence in your creativity
  • Up-leveling your manifesting powers for your next creation
  • See it, believe it, feel it in your body
  • Value your life
  • Integrate your highest potential

1hr 54min

Module 7: Your Infinite Potential

We begin with an alignment expanding your potential and your idea of who you are and who you can be. 

We will address questions from the participants and the idea of feeling like a fraud or you do not belong in certain successful ventures. 

We explore not only our own limitations but the ones we adopt from others and we dissolve them in this call.


2hr 27min

MP3 Guided Activation: The Abundance Garden

Guided activation with embedded energies to assist you in nurturing your energy field for your creative process and designed to assist you expand your flow of money and prosperity.

12:02 min
MP3 Guided Activation: Debt Release

This is a guided activation with embedded energy to assist in releasing debts you owe including mortgages and emotional debt or the effects of others owing you money or emotional debt.

12:05 min
MP3 Guided Activation: Inspiration Stairway

This is a guided activation to surface your inner guidance to increase your insight and access your unlimited intelligence for new flows of abundance.

10:15 min
 MP3 Guided Activation: New Earth Resilience

Discover the grace of timelessness. Not enough time in a day? Download this frequency to expand time without pressure. Give yourself the gift of grace in action.

5:17 min 
MP3 Guided Activation: Expanding Time

Shift out of the collective fear of earth changes and disasters and transmute your fractal experiences. The planet is changing; become neutral to the new earth perspective. Are you super sensitive to impending shifts? This will even out your response so you will not overwhelm your nervous system.

6:13 min
MP3 Guided Activation: Memory Upgrade

Improve and expand your memory and recall. A verbal energy shifting session to delete energies that interfere with your memory while strengthening your memory, returning lost memories.

 10:42 min
MP3 Dolphin Series: Igniting Your Creative Soul

Guided activation with embedded energy to ignite your creativity. This activation is layered with bliss, loving how you look and feel; aligning you to your most desired state. There is an additional layer of aligning to your best numbers and measurements, plus rejuvenation of skin and face. An artful expression beyond your cultural and personal limitations.

 9:52 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Abundance

Non-verbal energy download to prepare you for greater abundance. Adjusts the receptive and giving energies in your body and magnetic ability to attract and hold prosperity.

2:30 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Expanding Time

Non-verbal energy download to expand your sense of time. Experience life without deadline pressures. Enjoy the fluid nature of time.

3:03 min
 MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Memory Upgrade

Non-verbal energy download to improve and expand your memory and recall. Upgrade memory system for a better life.

2:39 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: New Earth Resilience

Non-verbal energy download to stay strong in difficult times. Not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability with heart and strength.

 2:46 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Neutrality

Non-verbal energy download to center your life with neutrality.

2:41 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Manifest Dreams

Non-verbal energy download to make your dreams a reality.

 2:36 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Playfulness

Non-verbal energy download to open a field of play for you, your loved ones, and your pets.

 2:27 min
MP3 PureEnergy Download™: Luminescent Dream Catcher

Non-verbal energy download to reflect your true heart’s desire and align with the highest self. Layers of accepting dreams beyond our knowing, benefits we have not yet considered, discernment for resonant desires. There are physical attunements made for the quantum particles up through your whole body, mind and spirit.

 6:01 min