The Endocrine Glands PureEnergy Downloads™

Evolution of Your Body
The Endocrine Glands PureEnergy Downloads

These PureEnergy Download™ transmissions are designed for your use to clear and rejuvenate the physical and subtle bodies. This is an evolutionary energy shifting from the quantum to the DNA through the entire body. Each PureEnergy Download™ has unique energies for each gland and the relationship within the physical body, brain, nervous system and energetic bodies. The physical signature shifts as well as the vortexes. The energy is uniquely gifted to us to assist with the energetic shifts of our time and evolution.

I have meditated for decades on the esoteric meaning of our endocrine centers and am happy to present this set for you in its most advanced state. While each endocrine gland is listed separately, the energies include connection to their best interactions together. Clearing, aligning, regenerating flows and communication on the physical, but within your alignment and integration. Inner vortexes are cleared and aligned and new flows emerge.

PureEnergy Downloads™ are non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones in mp3 digital recording format. This set was first created in January 2016 and upgraded three times prior to its release in June 2016.

Pineal PureEnergy Download

This non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ stimulates the production of melatonin by the pineal and also upgrades its connection with all others endocrine centers and organs. Melatonin helps improve the quality of your sleep and increases daytime alertness. A vital pineal gland, the pineal brings added vitality as well as an amplified connection to the divine. This PureEnergy Download™ delivers an upgrade and detox of the pineal gland as well as alignment to your vortexes.

9:33 min
Pituitary PureEnergy Download

The master pituitary gland controls several of the other hormone glands including the thyroid and adrenals. While usually the size of a pea and situated in a bony hollow beneath the base of the brain and just behind the bridge of your nose. The gland consists of two lobes and the energy of this PureEnergy Download™ works with the grids around the pituitary and the nose. Pituitary detox is included.

11:10 min
Hypothalamus PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aUse of this non-verbal PureEnergy Download™ strengthens and reinforces the function of the hypothalamus which is the connection between the endocrine and nervous systems. The hypothalamus secretes vital neuro-hormones responsible for body temperature, sleep, fatigue, hunger and thirst among other things. A well-functioning hypothalamus is essential for body vitality and you will feel a boost of deep energy and dynamism.

9:39 min
Thyroid & Parathyroid PureEnergy Download

Our biggest endocrine gland, the thyroid, is prone to several environmental stressors and often people feel imbalances of the thyroid. The thyroid is designed to align the upgraded energetic blueprint of your thyroid, if you just need a pick-me-up or have an over- or under-active thyroid or have autoimmune weakness with it. Detox and vortex clearing and upgrades are included.

11:21 min
Thymus PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aThe thymus secretes hormones integral for developing children and immune response. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the thymus, the heart and subtle bodies. The thymus is included in all energy work although most medical professionals consider it dormant for adults. I consider it part of all energetic heart work and that is included on this download.

8:11 min
Adrenals PureEnergy Download

Our adrenals are often weak or on overdrive. As with the other glands they are all interrelated. This PureEnergy Download™ works on the gland balance and rejuvenation plus all the emotions that attach here in and their dysfunctional patterns. This pyramid shaped gland is supported with this PureEnergy Download™. An adrenal detox is included with this transmission.

10:03 min
Ovaries PureEnergy Download

The ovaries PureEnergy Download™ is good to listen to even if you have been through menopause or have had surgical removal. It works on releasing memories and energies within the area and its relationship to the other endocrine centers.

9:06 min
Testicles PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aWomen may also listen to this PureEnergy Download™ transmission. The ovaries and testicles will also work within the relationships we have to each other and our collective memories to upgrades of these energy centers. Energy for prostate was also included in this download.

10:19 min
Adrenals Deep Dive PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aOptional for those prepared to dive deeply into unconscious patterns that need to move. Deep, unconscious clearings may occur when using this PureEnergy Download™. To complete these unconscious clearings, bringing them to conscious attention may be part of your process. Ask for yourself if this is the right timing to use this one.

10:03 min

Supportive PureEnergy Downloads

Use the supportive PureEnergy Downloads™ after each play and begin a new endocrine every other day until you get a sense of how you are doing with them, if you are very sensitive. Most people can play a new one each day.

Neutrality PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aSometimes we need assistance to get back to our neutral state. This is where our empowerment resides, when we are able to let go of what pulls us out of our center and empowerment.

9:41 min
New Earth Resilience PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aStay strong in difficult times. This PureEnergy Download™ not only prepares you for changes in our world but also in your personal life. This is designed to increase your adaptability with heart and strength.

8:59 min
Ultraviolet Liquid Crystal Plus PureEnergy Download

1-Icon-New4aThis PureEnergy Download™ assists with balancing between the other PureEnergy Downloads™. It uses ultraviolet liquid crystal energies plus others. The liquid crystal moves through the body with ease and grace and assists the evolutionary energies with gentle balance.

11:45 min