Alchemy of the Heart
Package A

Restore Your Soul’s Blueprint

Alchemy of the Heart

This package includes:

  • 3 Live Teleconference Calls loaded with energetic clearings and activations. Sherry will take your questions live. Includes downloadable recordings. 
  • 1 Bonus Recorded Teleconference Call loaded with energetic clearings and activations.
  • 3 Transformative Modules 90 minutes of transformative activations and energetic clearings
  • 6 mp3 Guided Activations layered with transformational energies.
  • 8 mp3 PureEnergy Downloads™ silent energy recordings.

Join Sherry as she shares the Alchemy of the Authentic Heart:

  • Unconditional love and personal empowerment
  • Retrieve your lost gifts and talents
  • Resolve negative energetic patterns and emotions
  • Find your personal truth of who you are
  • Overcome the obstacles to your authentic self