Twenty-one Days Upgrade

21-days of LiveEnergy Downloads™

Wednesday October 24th through Tuesday November 13th

This package includes:

  • 21-days of LiveEnergy Downloads alignment to the universal framework and resonant energies to lift, clean, clear, and repair your personal light grids. This event begins on Wednesday October 24th and ends on Tuesday November 13th. Includes household pets.


21-days of LiveEnergy Downloads

This 21-day LiveEnergy Download™ session is a comprehensive energy transmission including balance of the body-mind-spirit, alignment to the universal framework, and resonant energies to lift, clean, clear, and repair your personal light grids so that you can receive all the support the universe can provide. This process can clarify and simplify the things that have been chronically blocking you in your life and will facilitate moving through obstacles. The more connected you are to your light grids, the more aligned you are to the symphony of universal energy. This energetic “tune-up” brings a new level of fluidity and ease to your manifestations and your play.

Sherry and her energetic team will build and maintain a consistent energy grid 24 hours a day for you. Twice daily, Sherry will deliver personal energy boosts tuned to your individual energy signature. Sherry will assemble a multidimensional support team to deliver personalized, enhanced energetic synthesis and integration to you overnight.

Include your pets!

After you purchase, you will be able to add your household pets to the energy transmissions.