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Lion's Gate

Sirius is one my favorite stars. I am made of stardust from other places more than Sirius, but I instantly recognize those carrying the energy of Sirius here.

Sirius aligns with the Galactic Center, which is also often referred to as the Great Central Sun. It's the center of our galaxy and a big black hole. 😎  So I recommend that you use your Christos Light or a grid of crystalline light, or the feeling in whatever way it comes to you, all are valid and no one interpretation is preferred. Christos light is the way keeper for all the energies downloading. Some years it feels pure as snow and some years it feels like some playing in the gateway are not in alignment with you. So use and be the Christos light as you experience the gateway.

Its play is sovereignty, your regal nature, your inner truth, unapologetic. Even as this energy is eclipsed on August 21st, it assists us in personally realigning our shifts between our "musketeer" energy of one for all and all for one and our personal sovereignty. I am speaking of the book, the movie, "The Three Musketeers" and their creed. Now, if each of those musketeers are in their aligned sovereignty it works out well. This is a good time to resolve old issues of who you are in a group or family. Don't wonder if you fit in, you can't fit in if you are not yourself. So be yourself, your loving self, your messy self, your all, give your life your all.

Lion's Gate Broadcast

This energy transmission clears resistance and strengthens you physically. Your prosperity is recharged utilizing the broadcast transmissions of energy ripples and rings.

Lion's Gate Broadcast PureEnergy Download

The PureEnergy Download™ of Lion’s Gate is also underlying the verbal MP3 and it contains additional ring downloads of Unconditional Love, Power, Wisdom, Confidence plus Heart-Will for Stamina in your creations.

TIP: Let the rings fall at the height that feels right on your body they may rise and and drop lower depending on your intention. Additional rings were added in the PureEnergy Download™ and mentioned in the Guided Activation.