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Sphere of Influence

Upgrade your Sphere of Influence with these new energies. During this recording you will be manifesting. Here are some statements as examples to keep in mind before beginning.

I am experiencing harmony.
I am receiving financial wealth from multiple sources.
I experience relationships with mutual respect.
I experience friendships and partnerships with those that love me as I love them.
Receiving money is easier for me than in the past.
I am creating and receiving health, wealth and prosperity.
I am experiencing happiness.
I calm my mind in all situations.

Develop your own or ask your highest intelligence what is in your highest good at this time.

After you listen and feel the energy of the verbal Guided Activation you might enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download™ version. Some people like them better. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you. Feel free to listen to these recordings as often as you like.