Intuitive Mastery, Series Two, Bonus 1

White Clover and Bright Pink Rosebud

White clover is well known as a living mulcher to restore nitrogen to soil. It is known to purify the body and cleanse the blood. It is also used for eye cleaning, colds and coughs.

Recently I was shown how well the plant intelligence can also be used to assist with integrating the known and unknown parts of ourselves. Most importantly, to center, remain clear so purity can call and assist in sorting what to integrate next.

Deep bright pink rosebuds are added at the request of the white clover intelligence. The message that appeared over and over was, "As we integrate and the wisdom reveals itself so does our dignity." Growing self awareness and dignity will be a strong driver of our new world.

You may have heard of the power of red clover. I asked and heard that is for specific personal healing of heart issues. Feel free to use the red clover for personal and specific healing. It is strong, so consider mixing white with it.