VI-Pod Member's Loyalty Bonus #8

This year I saw and was seen by a sperm whale family. They prompted me to record this for you. I have been with their energy since December and finished recording this on the edge of full moon, February 18, 2019.

A little more about Sperm whales...

While in the Caribbean waters in December 2018, an infant sperm whale surfaced and slowly swam in the warm sea next to our boat. I knew there were other mothers and children in the pod and soon a female surfaced and spy-hopped close by. The calf had the innocent energy of the newly arrived, open, curious and figuring her ability to dive and her buoyancy. An adult female surfaced and wanted us to know we were being observed. Her energy was deep and I knew she knew weariness. She was protective and strong. I knew if she felt it necessary she could be fierce.

Sperm whales are known for their unique Spermaceti organ within their head. They were hunted for this, and are best known for the story Moby Dick. Spermaceti was used as an ingredient in cosmetics, leatherworking, lubricants and other things.

Sperm whales have the largest brain of any creature on earth. They can hold their breath for 90 minutes. The males roam the oceans and the females and calves live together communally raising children. Sperm whales use a series of clicks and clapping sounds, like horse hooves, for echolocation.

Click this link to see and hear Sperm whales

Essential Energies of the Sperm Whale

Known as the record keepers, transmitters, ocean guidance systems known to transmit energies to shift and remind humans of their deepest commitment. Resonance of a truer grounded purpose and unconditional love are part of their legacy.

Their inner strength is unforgettable. This whale can instantly release a false sense of what is important, pettiness and over reaction. There is a calming deep resonance. The essential whale energy can walk you in your own power, assist you in owning it. Whale energy awakens your empowered direction in life. Whales innately understand grid systems and I suspect their communion with humans assists humans in creating their own new systems.

Our untapped power and potential are strengthened with sperm whale energy. Sperm whale energy assists you in being fearless in using your energy. Let go of all limitations to right action. As you align and ground with the new earth you are able to clarify and manifest, in that order.

Connecting with a whale is like connecting with a divine aspect of life, as we observe the whale it observes us and reminds us of who we can be. Our connectedness, our new depth begins to speak through us. This energy is deep. It's excellent when you need a reset or time out of day to day life that has felt shallow or burdensome.