VIPod Member's Loyalty Bonus #24

Essential Dragonfly Journey

There are three mp3's in this bonus. The first one is an introduction to the doorways of Essential Dragonfly energy and clearing in your personal field and source connection. The second one is targeted to many physical body areas to clear and balance. The third is a PureEnergy Download™, that is me meditating with a microphone with the Essential Dragonfly energy, there is no sound on this one. Some people enjoy them after listening to the others.

Dragonfly energy can repair the wounded child parts of us and that is a huge step into wholeness. At the end of the verbal ones I suggest you spend time with the energies. Allow the dragonfly energy to open doorways for you. You can ask a question or simply be with the energy with the intention of being given what is right for you to know. Visualize a dragonfly moving through a doorway and follow. Also, a giveaway is important in the energy exchange. The action shows you are ready to exchange one level for another.