Intuitive Mastery, Series Two, Bonus 4

The Evolution of Equanimity

We are evolving the balance between the magnetic lotus and equanimity. You can use this technique for any body discomfort or concern. A cocoon uses its imagining cells to become a butterfly. Our bodies can also metamorphosize. There is a lot of current research into stem cells; let’s open the potential of cells evolving to our benefit.

Evolution of Power With the Great Mother Bear

This assists in powering you up physically and spiritually. You can begin to feel strength from the alignment of the great central sun, your new spiritual footing and your body. The great mother bear loans her harmonic resonance to you as you pull in the new energy. You become part of her new weave and she becomes part of yours. In nature, bears use a few vocalizations. The great mother bear calls to us the light packets unique to us from the great central sun.