Intuitive Mastery Bonus

12 Pillars Authentic Heart Integration

This mp3 is for personal integration. Love the part of yourself that may hold any limitation such as self-loathing, low self-esteem, or denial of your potential. Let us know how it is going, feel free to post it or email me about your experiences.

Regenerative Rest with the 12 Pillars

Use this quick 12 Pillar recording to wind down and prepare for rest. We reset the body and call in the 12 Pillars to align with your physical rest cycle while continuing your inner work. It's designed to set aside the day's worries and allow the Pillars to assist your body to regenerate and detox while you move into dreamtime. You can also use a power animal as you drift off to take you into a deep space of knowing during sleep. Sleep Well!

After you listen and feel the energy of the verbal Guided Activation mp3 you might enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download version. Some people like them better. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you.

12 Pillars of Benevolence

One of the gentlest yet powerful initiations given to me is being gifted to you. The 12 pillars of benevolence, kindness, intelligence, and wisdom are reminders of our eternal and infinite souls. Guides from the 17th dimension, they are not allowed to interfere but they are happy to assist if you ask, to answer, open doors, and heal. They won't do for you, you will meet them, and when you do, you'll be stronger and better aligned to your future and humanity's evolution. I feel directed and sure footed with their teachings. Enjoy!

They appeared to me beginning in 1989 but during Hawaii's solar eclipse of July 1991 they really showed up because I was ready for them. They know how to work with your unique self. The purpose is to assist you in being who you came to be.

You might also enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download version. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you.