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Essential Owl Energies

Owls represent wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, intuitive development, and trusting the mystery. They are tied to the spiritual symbolism of new beginnings with a higher understanding and evolved perspective. It is common to feel spiritually activated when you see or hear an owl.

Essential Owl energy assists us by breaking open the unknown to be known. Owls help us see in the dark spaces. Owls are the link between endings and new beginnings. Having an owl relationship assists in wisdom and personal integrity. We are entering a time where integrity will be vital. This means honesty with ourselves and rooting out where we fool ourselves. Owls are experts in discernment and quickening intuition.

After you listen and feel the energy of the verbal Guided Activation you might enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download™ version. Some people like them better. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you. Feel free to listen to these recordings as often as you like.