Package A - Endocrine Evolution

PureEnergy Downloads

Words can never express the fullness of energy. Sherry has developed proprietary methods to pack the energies of her Guided Activations and processes into a non-verbal recording. Many clients report excellent results from her unique PureEnergy Download™ recordings, often preferring these to the verbal versions.  PureEnergy Downloads™ bypass the judgements of the conscious mind. These are great to let run while you are sleeping or in the background during your busy day. Also, meditate with them anytime you are wanting a particular energetic assistance. PureEnergy Downloads™ are non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones in mp3 digital recording format.

These PureEnergy Download™ transmissions are designed for your use to clear and rejuvenate the physical and subtle bodies. This is an evolutionary energy shifting from the quantum to the DNA through the entire body. Each PureEnergy Download™ has unique energies for each gland and the relationship within the physical body, brain, nervous system and energetic bodies.  The physical signature shifts as well as the vortexes. The energy is uniquely gifted to us to assist with the energetic shifts of our time and evolution.

I have meditated for decades on the esoteric meaning of our endocrine centers and I am happy to present this set for you in its most advanced state. While each endocrine gland is listed separately, the energies include connection to their best interaction together. Clearing, aligning, regenerating flows and communication on the physical, but within your alignment and integration. Inner vortexes are cleared and aligned and new flows emerge.

Take them slowly. Use the supportive PureEnergy Downloads™ and Guided Activations after each play and begin a new endocrine every other day until you get a sense of how you are doing with them if you are very sensitive. Deep emotional shifts can happen with these, so go at a comfortable pace for yourself. 

Mp3 Guided Activations

These mp3 guided activation audios include techniques you can use daily to give you added zest for life and increased joy. They include specific teachings that are easily adaptable for you personally. Those who are looking for physical relief from pain or injuries often report significant improvement.

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