VIPod Member's Loyalty Bonus #18

Majestic Redwood Grove

When walking among redwoods one feels a timeless community. A tree that feels at once other worldly and an ancient witness of our earth. The redwoods give us a sense of wellness, clarity, calm, and community. A tree that exists from before the time of Christ holds keys to longevity and vitality. My last meditation with the trees showed me their ancient witnessing. They bear witness to history and like us they are excited and challenged with change. I felt a curiosity unfolding for their journey. We are not the only species in wonder of change.

After you listen and feel the energy of the verbal Guided Activation you might enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download™ version. Some people like them better. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you. Feel free to listen to these recordings as often as you like.