True Divine Alignment

Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade your life with powerful transformational tools and teachings developed by Sherry, internationally known Multidimensional Integrator, Medical Intuitive and Soul Whisperer. This series of audio-energetic downloads is designed to increase wellness for physical symptoms, improve relationships, expand your time, and improve your abundance. The audios include techniques you can use daily to give you added zest for life and increased joy. They include specific teachings that are easily adaptable for you personally. Those who are looking for physical relief from pain or injuries often report significant improvement.

Essential Energy of Dolphin Spirits

Dolphins have always held a special relationship with humans. The energy of Dolphins is a sublime source of divine joy, healing, acceptance, and love. Dolphins hold magical energy in human culture now and in the past. Dolphins are credited in ancient Minoan and Greek mythology for saving humans and gods at sea, bringing lovers together and assisting humans. In this series of audio-energetic downloads, Sherry captures and transmits the energy of Dolphins to synergize and co-create your complete life. Dolphin spiritual energy brings about joy, physical comfort, and can quicken a shift, deliver love, and lift depressed thoughts and stagnation. They also activate the inner divine child's creativity. From her first meeting with them at the age of seven, Sherry connected to the infinite joy they want to give people, in or out of the water. Sherry has personally experienced miracles of Dolphin spirit energy. She will share this with you and how you can also experience these miracles. Poseidon was said to place Dolphins in the constellation. Sherry uses the essential energy of Dolphins in spirit form and has a solid relationship with them in the sea.

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Upgrade Your Life PureEnergy Downloads

Words can never express the fullness of energy. Sherry has developed proprietary methods to pack the energies of her Guided Activations and processes into a non-verbal recording. Many clients report excellent results from her unique PureEnergy Download™ recordings, often preferring these to the verbal versions.  PureEnergy Downloads™ bypass the judgements of the conscious mind. These are great to let run while you are sleeping or in the background during your busy day. Also, meditate with them anytime you are wanting a particular energetic assistance.

PureEnergy Downloads™ are non-verbal energy transmissions with activating and healing tones in mp3 digital recording format.

True Divine Alignment PureEnergy Downloads

Sherry often sees clients connected to energies at odds with their divine alignment. This can cause confusion, loss of energy and a sense of disconnection. Often people report discovering they let go of false identities and long held dense alliances of programming. Let go of the old matrix and old paradigm consciousness and align with your true unique self. Sometimes people let go all at once or in waves of awareness. These PureEnergy Downloads™ purify and align you to your source or Infinite Potential. Once aligned our expansion quickens and our insight increases.

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