VIPod Member's Loyalty Bonus #21

Essential Giraffe Energies

Recorded on June 21st, 2022, during the Solstice. This is an infusion of the qualities of the essential Giraffe energies. This infusion is a balm to the traumatized or wounded young parts of you. While gently giving space for self-acceptance to emerge within you, it also resets your signature energy. This is excellent for times of integration, synchronization, and synthesis.

When you need to reset on a different path, step into this timeless energy. The qualities of the infusion are to release you from tortuous thoughts and restore your signature light. Your brain and nervous system are also reset. Giraffes are experts in deeper means of communication. If you feel a release or restoration from this infusion, do a giveaway. You can also do one before to assist your receiving of the infusion. Do not drive while or soon after listening, the effects linger.

After you listen and feel the energy of the verbal Infusion you might enjoy the silent PureEnergy Download™ version. Some people like them better. Get the energy in whatever form works best for you. Feel free to listen to these recordings as often as you like.